Thursday, November 29, 2012

Belated Halloween Project

 So lately I've been trying to do a lot more projects with my boys.  It's fun to do things alone without them, but it is so much more fun when I do it with kids!  R and B get so excited and have so much fun spending time with mom doing grown-up things.  

While looking through an old magazine, I saw this jar project and thought it would be fun to do with the kids.  Well, it was a little too tricky for R, but he gave some good  input.  We made two and gave them away.  I wish I had taken a picture of the second jar, because it turned out a lot better.  Oh well. :D 
Isn't it great?  R wanted it to have a scared face.  I didn't have construction paper at this point, so we used a marker.  Needless to say, use construction paper!  The marker never fully dried.  

NOW, remember this beauty of a shirt that I started on forever ago?  Well I finally finished the project!!! Drumroll please....

TA-da!! I love how cute it turned out.  Sorry, it's fuzzy.  I used my phone...I made this skirt and matching bow tie for my friend K and her two little kids and finally sent it in the mail to them.  So, I can post it! It was a first attempt, but I looove repurposing!! I am trying to do it as much as I can now! I can't throw out old clothes!  The bow tie wasn't too tricky and I added some lining from an old tie to make it a little puffier.  If anyone reads this, and wants more detailed instructions, just let me know.  I love to help out.  :D

So that's it for now!! I'm working on a wallet and a few other projects and I will post when I get them done! 

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