Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bathtoy Bag

Have you ever been to the Make it and Love it blog by Ashley?  I love it! I'm pretty sure I check for new posts multiple times a week.  Recently she had a post with fifty things to do/make for kids.  They were all tutorials that she had already done.  I've done a few of them, and found a good idea for one more: a Bathtoy bag!  I bough some mesh material from the remnant bin a few weeks ago and wanted to make a holder/bag thing for all of R's toys but didn't know how to begin.  So, instead, I made this:

and my bathtub thanks me for it!! No longer, is the bathtub in the main bathroom covered in toys.  I found the tutorial here at the Make it and Love it website.  Mine isn't as fancy as hers.  But I figured, I have two little boys, who could care less about ribbon and frills, so why bother? :D

I got these fancy hooks at Lowe's because let's face it, Lowe's is better quality than Wal-Mart.
And that's it!  Next up, I think is a Hooded Towel!! I'm really excited and hoping to start it tonight!  

What are you up to lately?  Any crafts up your sleeves? 

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  1. That turned out awesome! You'll have to post the tutorial you use to make hooded towels (or post your own) because I would borrow someone's sewing machine for that--I love hooded towels, even for Big Boys and I'm still using a tiny baby one for my 30 lb. Blake!